Air Quality

Plumes from fires and smoke stacks have a profound effect on adjacent communities. Depending on the present weather conditions, plumes may dissipate quickly or linger. Dispersion modeling of the atmosphere can help decision makers understand the short-term impacts of plumes. Envirsion, LLC can provide dispersion modeling and insight into the best course of action for your business whether your caused it or are subject to it.

Below is a particle animation from a coupled WRF-FLEXPART simulation, which is Lagrangian particle dispersion model used to describe the long-range transport of pollutants in the atmosphere. Applications of this technology include transport of pollutants, radiation, and other airborne particles such as smoke.


Shown below is a sample image of the dispersion of airborne particulates over the National Mall in Washington, DC. Custom graphics like these are generated in near real-time for decision makers and emergency managers.

Plume Dispersion